Zoar Alai

Super Long Okibi Post
Pretty much everything that has happened to Okibi... ever

Okibi was summoned during a blood ritual under the keep in the port town of Malta. His presence ultimately led to the failure of the spell, resulting in a mass of uncontrolled zombies rising in an area around the keep. King Steve did not realize his danger, and although Okibi endeavoured to save him, he ultimately perished… by burning. Okibi enlisted the aid of William Hartwick, an experienced member of the royal guard. They escaped the threat of zombies at the keep only to find that the town itself was under assault from a fleet of pirates. William wanted to enlist the help of his wizard friend, Bartlebee Whitehorn, to destroy the remnants of the zombie plague. While the wizard worked on this Okibi decided to work with the militia against the pirates. He set out in a canoe and lit their ships on fire. While he worked the town was bombarded by huge fireballs. He eventually reached a flagship and before he could do any damage, an unknown pirate mistook Okibi for someone else. They mentioned something about doing a good job and told “Okibi” to prepare for landfall. Okibi did nothing to correct the pirate and did not question who he was mistaken for. He eventually arrived with them at the shore. He immediately went in search of William and Bartlebee. His search took him to the town hall building, where he spied his companions through the window. He shattered the window to get their attention but Bartlebee was injured by falling glass. Okibi attempted to staunch by cauterizing the wounds but just injured Bartlebee further. In the end, the trio barely managed to escape the devastated and burning city, but Bartlebee was extremely hurt. William suggested that they head for a secluded guard tavern just out of town, the Crooked Mule, Okibi scouted ahead. He arrived at the tavern and was greeted by the strange employees. Despite their suspicious behavior Okibi helped deliver soup to the inn’s only other patron, who was waiting upstairs. The patron was even strangers and seemed to not notice/care about Okibi’s current state of immolation. It was eventually revealed that this man was in fact the god Cayden Calien, out for a jaunt among mortals. Either by accident or divine will Okibi is “cursed” by the ability to be drunk. Cayden decides that he needs to make amends and vows to travel with Okibi. When William and Bartlebee arrive Cayden teleports them miles away (west) halfway between Malta and Hull, another port town. Okibi and Cayden, who is now holding Bartlebee, get into a contest of sorts resulting in a massive crater, as they are climbing out Cayden, and subsequently Bartlebee, is eaten by a young t-rex. Okibi and William dispatch it rather handedly, unfortunately, Bartlebee is killed by this turn of events. William is disgusted by the unnecessary death of his friend and leaves the company of the god and archon. Cayden grows tired of traveling almost immediately and throws Okibi into the next town, Hull. Okibi lands in the middle of a bar fight, but stops it immediately with an intense command. He locates a drunken master named, Ulysses, who informs him that he can help with Cayden’s curse but first he needs to find his “child”. The two descend deep beneath the bar into various catacombs. They fight a few kobolds and troggs who seem to have created their own eco-system beneath the city. When they reach the end of the tunnels it is revealed that Ulysses’ child is actually a small barrel of liqueur. There is a dwarf and a gnome battling with ferrets. Okibi’s intervention leads to the gnome’s victory, he is immediately consumed by his own ferrets who then disappear. With the liqueur Ulysses is able to summon Cayden to the tunnels. Cayden cures Okibi of his “curse” but the resulting explosion traps Okibi in the tunnels beneath Hull. Okibi meets some goblins who mistake him for a sun god and request that he destroys the opposing goblins. When all the “evil” goblins are dead, Okibi’s goblins lead him out of the mines. The journey takes several days and they face some danger but eventually reach the other side. A small group of knights slaughter the goblins and lead Okibi to Ord Feele, the mountain city. Once there Okibi notices that the people there are very strange and that they cannot die. Okibi is briefly trapped in a magic tower but rescued by Slippery John. S.J. leads Okibi to the “resistance” who are against this form of immortality. The members are Midas, a masked man, and his wife, Beth. Midas gives Okibi some info about the pirates and their actions as well as the existence of a similar fire being. SJ sells some items for Okibi and then takes him to the Cathedral. Inside Okibi is forced to kill two zealous priests. He then goes into the basement and kills the misguided cleric Kyra. He takes a shard of fire archon core which seems to be what was powering the spell. When he arrives topside he sees that many have perished in the ensuing riots. Okibi then leaves town with Midas, Beth, and Slippery John. THey head toward the city to the east, Adtlerian. They stop in Sehk and Okibi is contacted by a barmaid who tells him that something is strange in town. Okibi asks around and looks in the fields and mountains but those leads don’t pan out. He questions the maid again but she doesn’t want to talk in the public bar/brothel. The maid tells him that the butcher and the priest are creepy but fails to give him very useful leads. Okibi gets the aid of the town archivist, unfortunately his job is mostly to keep a record of finances and births in town. After several more failed leads Okibi heads to the butchers to check him out. The butcher seems very put off by Okibi’s presence and questions, but Okibi doesn’t find anything else suspicious. He then takes a look at the butcher’s house. It’s a shack that isn’t suspicious at first glance but Okibi finds that the door is bolted from the inside and there are no other entrances. Okibi easily bursts the door down and ends up finding a secret tunnel to the shop and to a torture room. Okibi gets caught by some guards but his aid in catching the butcher gets him off the hook. It is revealed though that the butcher did not account for all the missing people and that one person went missing within the last few hours. Okibi heads to the church but the priest checks out. As he is heading back to the inn the barmaid is seen leaving and tells Okibi that she’s leaving for good. Her account arouses Okibi’s suspicions and he go to check out the inn. With the barmaid’s help he sneaks into the girl’s rooms and eventually into the matron’s room. As soon as he enters, it becomes apparent that the room is a portal to another realm. He meets a disfigured thing, (a kyton) who promises him power in exchange for his silence. They’ve been converting people to his point of view and taking them to the shadow plane. Okibi is confused but sides with the kyton, who then grants him the limited power to cause bleeding when he strikes with his claws. On his way out of town he sees the matron. She demonstrates Okibi’s new powers and gifts him with matte black opaque shard. Okibi hazards that it is a shadow shard but moves on and doesn’t look back. As he nears Adtlerian a loud booming noise is heard and a huge pillar of water lashes out and lands near Okibi. It was a water archon being summoned. Okibi manages to wound it severely but is desperately kamikazes them both. Okibi is instantly healed but the fire shard in his possession, and he understands how it is connected to the fire plane. Immediately after he meets Hydrus, a more powerful water archon, who requests that Okibi return the water shard he just found. Okibi obliges and requests a way to get in contact. Hydrus grants him a stone with a snowflake carved in it’s face, and tells him to immerse it in water if he is needed. Okibi then enters the town. A guard directs him toward The Pit, an extremely run down, but free, inn. Okibi spends the night but realizes that he is in a different plane. He meets another man there who is trapped. They cannot leave the building but they can venture deeper. They search a few rooms and then find a young child. They go to take him from the room. It’s actually a cannibal child and it attacks and severely injures the man Okibi is with. Okibi manages to save his life but the man is too wounded to move. Okibi looks for another way out but is stumped. On his way back he hears the man’s voice but it turns out to be an attic whisperer and a trap. He finds a way into the basement where he locates an old murder lab and finds reference to the name, Dr. Gregoire. He defeats the angry spirit there and tracks down Dr. Gregoire after being returned to the material plane. He visits the clinic but is turned away, Okibi waits until after hours and then sneaks into the clinic and confronts the doctor. Gregoire offers him a trinket created by through the vivisection of living creatures but Okibi refuses and engages him in combat. The doctor consumes a potion that transforms him into a monster but Okibi bests him handedly. While searching the room for valuables Okibi notices that the monstrous body is gone. Okibi finishes looting the room and then burns down the clinic. After that he makes his way to the castle and reconnects with Midas, who introduces him to the young lord Garric. Garric asks for Okibi’s help, either in spying on the pirates or going to the king in the north. Okibi opts for the spying mission and is given an enchanted shard of the other Archon. Garric asks that Okibi goes back to Malta and reports back on the pirate’s activities and also tries to obtain the legendary axe, Gatekeeper. Okibi orders a set of armor from an enchanter, Benjamin, and gives him a shard of his core so that the armor can be made. Okibi then heads out to Malta. On the way he finds and fights a degenerate orge which Okibi kills easily. Okibi makes it into the town easily and goes into the fortress. Inside, he sees Rava and Lenore, who are arguing. When Rava leaves Okibi tries to sneak past but Lenore notices him. She grills him on his plan, thinking that OKibi is the other archon. He diverts her questioning to the treasure room and she asks that he helps her get rid of the remaining resistance in exchange for its location. She also mentions that Rava is getting impatient and may plan to betray him. Okibi explores the keep a bit more and finds Rava in the old king’s bedroom. Rava questions him a bit and when Okibi mentions his possible betrayal he brushes it off. Rava then talks briefly on the resistance and tries to blame Lenore. Okibi can’t find the treasure room and enters the tunnels under the keep. He encounters a few monsters but eventually finds the resistance who is led by William. There are only a few survivors of the pirate attacks but William says that there are some more under the rest of the town. Williams asks that Okibi helps them escape, and suggests maybe stealing a pirate ship so that they can all escape. Okibi continues to explore the tunnels and finds a section of hallway that looks more ornate. He peeks around a little and finds a small alcove with strange tablets, he takes a bit of treasure and then gets trapped in a room with angry statue guardian Okibi tries to escape but eventually fights and after a long fight manages to destroy it. Then with a little blasting effort Okibi manages to smash into the throne room. THe Gatekeeper is gone but he finds an enchanted glaive that almost slips his attention. Then he rushes back to the survivors and helps them escape but hijacking a pirate brig. Okibi then sets a fire, using the distraction, Okibi then gets the survivors onto the ship and they escape. They do an excellent job at leaving the bay but the ship soon runs aground and they disembark. Okibi heads back toward Adtlerian, but the survivors head in a different direction hoping to avoid the pirates. Okibi is stopped by the arrival of Larkaan, who taunts Okibi slightly, and demands that Okibi give him the disguise shard. Okibi refuses initially but after a display of power Okibi destroys the shard. Larkaan is semi pleased with that end and leaves after summoning a magma elemental. Okibi gets an earth shard after defeating it. Okibi then meets up with some pirates from Malta. He is behind them at first. Okibi goes up to them and starts a conversation, at first he is paid no mind but eventually they catch onto the ruse and attack. Lenore is there and she seems to have prepared for combat with an Archon. Okibi dispatches several pirates before Lenore escapes in a plume of smoke. Okibi doesn’t even looks for her he just goes back to Adtlerian. Lord Garric is saddened about the gatekeeper but not angry. He then asks Okibi to go to Acrene and talk with the lord there about peace. The plateau king has been marshalling his forces. Okibi asks for an extension which the lord grants. Then Okibi talks with great lengths to the royal blacksmith, and commissions an admantite maul. Okibi then talks with Benjamin briefly after identifying the shard of Larkaan, and the magic glaive. Okibi gets a cryptic message that leads him to a skeevy bar. Okibi meets a strange hooded figure who divulges the location of Dr. Gregoire, who has been hiding in the wilderness. The figure extends it as an olive branch and talks tentatively about forgiveness. Okibi rushes to the secluded cabin and quickly murders and burns the doctor, who is in his transformed state. After he is met by the hooded figure who turns out to be Lenore, who has had a kill order set on her after escaping from Okibi. Rava has taken control of the pirate force on this continent. Lenore gives you his location with a wink and a nudge. Okibi makes it there and quickly dispatches Rava and his guards. Okibi returns to Adtlerian and Lenore pledges to assist Okibi, she tells him she’ll be staying at the Iron Bell. Okibi grabs his fire armor and heads into the desert. Halfway through the desert he comes across the City of Brass wrongly in the material plane. It is filled with denizens of the fire plane and Okibi makes his way to the palace. He catches a brief glimpse of the head Efreeti talking to a pasha (noble earth elemental) and a Fire Yai Oni. The Efreeti dismisses them both rudely and invites Okibi over. They talk briefly about Okibi’s intentions and although the Efreeti, named Bhadost, seems vaguely displeased with Okibi’s answers he asks for Okibi’s help in a special matter. Okibi is sent back to the plane of fire with a brass man to investigate a small incident at a salamander village. Okibi commissions an upgrade to his armor from a local salamander and then heads into the fire plane. They arrive to carnage and emptiness. Okibi and the brass man make their way to the center and defeat several salamanders. After their defeat a Lava Weird grabs the brass man and pulls him into the lava. The Lava Weird taunts Okibi and then leaves. Okibi waits but the Lava Weird had left. Okibi gets a strange feeling that someone is watching him but he doesn’t see anyone. He is briefly hunted by Rast but escapes by hiding in a building. Okibi then makes his way to the Burning Sky to try and escape. He meets up with an incredibly ancient fire spirit who, after brief conversation, teleports Okibi back to the City of Brass. Bhadost thanks Okibi by sending him to the west to the ruins of Draconia. He leaves immediately and arrives in a few days. Okibi comes across a few Jann who warn Okibi away. Upon entering the city Okibi finds a young woman who is cursed and asks for Okibi’s help. She informs Okibi that he has to defeat the Jann he had met earlier. He defeats 2 of the 3 and then returns to the woman. It is implied that she was once the ruler of Draconia and he learns some background of the city. She then summons a massive animated castle to help Okibi breach the temple which is guarded by colossal scorpions. Okibi sneaks inside while they are distracted, inside he sees a dragon alter and a strange dragon-kin. The dragon-kin implies that he is the one keeping the curse active but also cursed himself. Okibi strikes him down quickly, despite the robed figure’s warning, and is assaulted by a large gray dragon. Okibi defeats it using his shield and sword of Draconia. Afterwards he uncovers a secret panel and unlocks a Magma Wyrmling that is bound to him. Outside, the scorpions are dead and the ruler of Draconia grants Okibi a wish and a ring that transports Okibi to the city. She vows to restore it and says her name is Varani. Okibi is then teleported to the city of Acrene. The city is bustling until an alarm sounds and an elven attack clears the streets. A local captain directs Okibi to the castle, where Okibi is led to a small room. The king addresses Okibi by proxy. They discuss peace briefly but the king doesn’t believe Okibi. Okibi is taken to an anti-magic cell and is there for about a day before Slippery John shows up and busts Okibi out. He gives Okibi a potion that changes their form and they escape. Before Okibi can leave the castle though, he is pulled aside and it’s revealed that Okibi is in the king’s form. He gives some military advice and then they dash off. Okibi finds a servant and asks him, still in king form, to bring him 10k gold. He ends up with 2 guards and 10k and heads to the inn slippery jeanette is in. He has his samurai guards stand guard, one downstairs and the other upstairs. They get into a scrap and Okibi and John/Jeanette finish the guards. They try to escape the city but the town is locked down. They notice a group of thuggish looking guys heading toward them and they try and escape down a side alley, but a fluke of luck ends with them being found. The thugs guide them back to the secret lair of the Maester. After some esoteric questioning, the Maester dismisses Okibi as too flakey and orders Okibi to leave the city. They are led to a secret exit and end up outside Acrene, in the north. Okibi then uses the ring to teleport back to Draconis but Jeanette isn’t able to come.


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