Grenund is very similar to Arthurian England. The people have evolved, under the orc threat, into a society equally ready for battle or a civilized dinner party. There is a strict hierarchy but much of the work is delegated around to nobles and minor lords. Much of the population knows how to fight, be they farmer or accountant, as conscription into the army is mandatory. Grenund is forced to fend off seasonal bands of orc war-parties from Krellscis. Despite this hardship, Grenund has flourished economically and socially. The people are well-educated and capable and the land is famous for rearing notable heroes. Many of whom changed the course of history. The only true threat to Grenund is a lack of land, the population exploded as did it’s military capabilities. This was one of the main reasons that Grenund devoted so much to expand in Zoar Alai. The invasion went well but Grenund’s diminished military strength led to some devastating losses to the orcs, who had been growing more aggressive. Grenund left it’s colonies to themselves and focused on regaining strength at home. After stability was reestablished, the colonization efforts had little support left and lands conquered in Zoar Alai effectively gained independence; many nobles in Grenund still consider Zoar Alai part of their state isolation aside.


Grenund is a wet hilly land. Castes and forts dot the landscape. The cities are often dirty yet spectacular constructs that stand out against the bleak mountains. Most of the population lives to the east, away from the orcs, but numerous camps of soldiers spend most of the year near the jagged black mountains surrounding Krellscis. Travelers are common along the road and it’s hard to travel far with running into another person.

The capital of Grenund is Weyr.


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