Haylien is one of the more peaceful and productive regions in Zoar Alai. It is the ancestral homeland of halflings and gnomes, but humans have occupied the region as well. Haylien never directly participated in the war and as a reward humans allowed the Haylien government to exist, provided they swear fealty to the human governments. Since then, Haylien has been a fairly stable region. It’s profitable farming infrastructure has kept Haylien relevant without attracting undue attention. Not all of the denizens of Haylien went into the night peacefully when the humans invaded and there are rumored to be small bands of rebels living in the mountains, or just off the coast.


Haylien is lush land on the western coast of Zoar Alai. Plants grow very well in the rich black soil and many rivers run though the area from the mountains in the region. All in all, the weather is very mild and monster population is very low, making it an excellent place to settle down. At least a few members of each race are known to make there home here. The high plateaus and mountainous terrain to the north and east prevent direct trade with Skygard and Prutdungen. There are plenty of smaller roads leading throughout the region though.

The capital of Haylien is Ebonhearth.


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