Olula would likely be compared to a roman viking state. Olula’s limited interaction with Grenund and Xor-Giri definitely influenced Olula’s development. Like, it’s sister states Olula is very war-like, but Olula is blocked off from the rest of Zoar Mehir by huge mountains. Olula is able to survive off by raiding the other states of Zoar Mehir and the islands to the east. Without the threat of orcs, Olula has been able to focus much more on the arts and a navy. Olulan naval superiority is legendary in Zoar Mehir, other nations are often content to pay Olula a small tax to exchange for peace. This has led to wide-spread feelings of superiority. Additionally, Olula is a hot-bed of political intrigue. Physical might is praised but since Grenund and Xor-Giri both have a stronger military, Olulans tend to prize deception and craftiness over brute strength.


Olula is a decadent but mismatched place. Themes have been stolen from every conceivable source. Style is generally preferred over practicality. Riches plundered from other nations lie in every corner of the land. Everything is colorful and developed. The roads are well kept and building are built beautifully. Many cities have functioning infrastructure such as plumbing or lighting. The Olulan coast is completely pack with naval yards. Boats are a certainty in Olulan waters. Their boats may be the only product built by Olulans that is built for a purpose and nothing more, although some nobles have illustrious and gorgeous ships custom-made.

The capital of Olula is Mhidbenr.


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