Prutdungen is the ancestral home to the Dwarves. Legend has it that the Dwarves sprung up from these mountain ranges. Very little has changed in these region for centuries. When the humans spread forth from the south they found Prutdungen impossible to conquer. The maze-like cliffs and valleys made for difficult going and the Dwarves were able to attack unexpectedly from any direction, thanks to the extensive tunnels running throughout the entire region. Prutdungen was classically very wealthy before the humans invaded, but disappeared with said wealth into the mountain shortly into the war. Hostilities between dwarf and human continued up until about 100 years ago and nary a hide nor hair has been seen of them since.


Prutdungen is a very mountainous region in the north part of Zoar Alai. The surface is almost completely uninhabitable because of dangerous fauna and terrain. Vast wealth lies beneath the surface though, and the Dwarves have carved labyrinthine tunnels through the mountains and earth. Entire cities carved of stone and steel are hidden under the snow-capped peaks.

The capital of Prutdungen is Xangrot.


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