Silversoar Forest


The Silversoar forest is rumored to be as old as the mountains of Zoar Alai, and is the ancestral home of the elves. Non-elves have been barred from entering since before the humans arrived. This mystique and the natural talents of the elves kept humans from claiming territory inside Silversoar. The elves used to be a social race and brought magic and finely crafted goods from deep within the forest. During the human invasion, the elves fought fiercely but were only able to hold Silversoar; the humans paid dearly for every victory against the elves. Once protected by their borders the elves were nigh invincible but the war had cost them as well. The elven race was coming close to extinction, they did not breed as fast as the humans, and they could no longer afford to attack the humans. Reluctantly, they sunk back into the trees and have been seen only rarely since then. Those who are brave enough to enter the forest are never seen again. There are those who swear they’ve seen elves hiding in the trees and these reports are growing more common as time goes on.


Silversoar is a sprawling forest that covers fully 25 percent of Zoar Alai. Even during the elven golden age is was only lightly inhabited; even the elves preferred to make there home elsewhere due to the forest’s ability to isolate and it’s dangerous wildlife. There are many kinds of terrain inside the forest, including lakes, rivers, and mountains, but the most common feature and the forest’s namesake are the Silver Herald trees that dominate the area. The trees have a grayish bark and can easily grow up to 300 feet tall. The canopy in the forest is a vibrant blue-green and most of the forest is covered in a speckled shadow. The land is lush but the Silver Herald trees prevent the ground from becoming too wild.

Silversoar Forest

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