Skygard is the new name for Meter. Since, its rechristening the region has served mainly as a military front for humanity. Many of the old trade routes dried up when the other races were banished. Now Skygard trades almost solely with Udogeon, and then mainly for food, as the plateau is poor farming terrain. Up until recently, Skygard has been responsible for much of the military aggression in Zoar Alai. Of late though, the dwindling strength and wealth of humanity has crippled Skygard’s military might; now it’s all Skygard can do to defend it’s borders.


Skygard is mainly located on a giant plateau in central Zoar Alai. Its borders have shifted outward some thanks to previous military offenses.

The capital of Skygard is Acrene, formerly known as Veringot.


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