Xor-Giri is the southern-most state in Zoar Mehir. Xor-Giri is moderately well protected from Krellscis and the orcs to the west. There are several mountain passes leading to the area however, and those orcs that do make it to Xor-Giri are often more dangerous than their northern counterparts, often in possession of dark magics, or inhuman boons. The people of Xor-Giri combat this with order and dedication. Their culture and hierarchy closely resembles feudal Japan. Xor-Giri occasionally battles with Grenund, but the constant orc threat distracts from any serious clashes.


Xor-Giri is a land of hardship. The most brutal and dangerous of the orcs continuously ravage the western lands and relations with Grenund and Olula have never been very good. The people manage to farm in rocky ground and build on unstable ground. The buildings, like the culture, are based off of order and dedication. Everything is symmetrical and build to the best of craftsman’s abilities. Xor-Giri is fairly isolated from the other human states and is completely self sufficient.

The capital of Xor-Giri is Nakatagre.


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